Brendon O'Brien

Social Justice Storyteller

Using art as a tool for transformation


Brendon O'Brien

Brendon is a Spoken Word artist, facilitator, writer, director and activist living in Trinidad & Tobago. For the last ten years, he has been creating work that entertains and challenges audiences, and moving communities toward connectedness through expression.

His watchwords 'Blessings, Compassion, Peace and Love' guide every bit of his work, from poetry to stage plays to facilitation. Take a look at his existing work here, as well as updates on future projects.

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Slam Poetry Veteran

For the last five years, Brendon has been a frequent contestant in the First Citizens National Poetry Slam (formerly Verses Poetry Slam). In 2014, he was the 1st runner-up of the Verses Poetry Slam. He's also a former winner of the ROOTS Poetry Slam and the Ministry of Health 'No Ifs No Butts' Poetry Slam.

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Experienced Stage Director

Brendon has been directing for stage since 2015. A recognized director with the Artist Registry of Trinidad & Tobago, he has directed for the National Drama Association's National Drama Festival 2013 and the Trinidad Theatre Workshop's New Play Festival 2016, as well as numerous commissioned stage plays.

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Activist Through Performance

Throughout his performance career, Brendon has used his writing and performance poetry to challenge audiences around issues of social justice such as gender based violence, racism, interfaith dialogue, and sexual and reproductive health and rights.

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Constantly Discovering

Writing original stage plays since 2010, Brendon has begun developing his craft into stage plays. He was selected for the TTFF Screenwriter's Workshop in 2017 and 2018 with Nicholl Fellowship winner Annmarie Morais. 

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Brendon’s world of ideas and the imagination are all his own and he inhabits them with an intense energy and passion.

Tony Hall

Director, Founder of Lordstreet Theatre Company

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